Its hokey, but the idea’s great! A bedroom-treefort/treehouse

I Nabbed this one from….

I had been contemplated building one of these for my son, and have some semi-related ideas in my indie book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts, And Whatever The Heck Else We Could Squeeze In Here!”)- avail though TINY YELLOW HOUSE PRESS (micro-independent)- check it out at

Anyway, the idea’s still great, and the hokey-ness factor is high! Love it!

Heck, as an ADULT, it'd even be cool to have one of these, although makin' the bed would be a pain and a half....

As for my book, its received AWESOME/rave reviews and/or coverage in newspapers, tv shows, magazines, blogs, websites, and more, from the likes of….Lloyd Kahn, Katherine Sharpe at Readymade Magazine, Make Magazine, Mimi Zeiger (author of “Tiny Houses”), The author duo of David and Jeanie Stiles, Gregory Johnson of the National Small House Society in Iowa, The Energy Bulletin (.net), Michael Janzen at tinyhousedesign, Kent Griswold at Tinyhouseblog, Jay Shafer of the Tiny Tumbleweed House Company (for my book-related tv/online show “Tiny Yellow House” on youtube), The Stoughton Journal in Stoughton, MA, The Source in Madison, CT, and many, many, many more. (Thank you ALL, so much!).

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

The book was just picked up for sale at the legendary BREAKWATER BOOKS in historic Guilford, CT too!

About relaxshax

Interview/Bio Sheet: "Blah, Blah, Blah..." ABOUT THE AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR: DEREK ALEXANDER DIEDRICKSEN, AGE 32, WAS BORN AND RAISED IN THE SEASIDE TOWN OF MADISON, CT. AFTER GRADUATING FROM DANIEL HAND HIGH SCHOOL, and later BOSTON'S NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY (CLASS of '99- Summa Cum Laude), HE WORKED IN COMMERCIAL RADIO AT THE LEGENDARY CBS STATION 104.1 WBCN AS THE EVENING DJ (The Youngest Full Timer In the Country In A Top Ten Market, at the time). Through WBCN, he worked with and hosted the "I Sold My" Television show numerous times for the WB/Warner Brothers Network, appeared on the Channel as a host/interviewer, and hosted Nik Carter's nationally syndicated radio show (70 cities in the US) "Nothing Sacred". While simultaneously at WBCN and Northeastern, Derek's comic strip "The Warped Zone" ran for just under three years in the NU News, a weekly paper, and his subsequent strip "Slugs, Not Hugs" was featured through the well distributed Boston papers The Weekly Dig, and Soundcheck Magazine (R.I.P.). In radio, he additionally worked for WJIB, NU's WRBB, the legendary, corporate-free WNTN in Newton, MA, (where he had his REAL start in radio), and the pioneering His work (both art and carpentry/tiny house building) has also been featured in Worcester's Pulse Magazine, Tiny House Design Magazine, and on the concert venue flyers of many a band in, and beyond, the Boston area. Musically, having toured the US a few times in the past (Rochester NY's "Rail"), both in bands, and managerially (Boston's "Superkollider"), he now plays drums in the Tribute act Age Against The Machine (, which doubles as the original act "Any Given Enemy". They've recorded and been involved with the WWE, ECW, The Cartoon Network's "G.I. Joe", Video Games, Indie Movies, and Boston Bruins NHL broadcasts. In January of 2009, their recording of WWE Wrestler Jack Swagger's arena and television entrance theme "Get On Your Knees" was selected by Columbia Records to be part of the cd "WWE: The Voices. Volume 9". The cd debuted on the worldwide Billboard Top 200 charts as the Number Eleven best-selling cd on the entire planet. It also debuted as the Number One selling Cd soundtrack on the globe, and stayed in the charts for close to a month. Derek is also an Eagle Scout (MADISON CT's Troop 491), and credit's the Scouts with further strengthening his love of the outdoors, camping, conservation, and carpentry. He comes from a large family of Scouts, as his cousins Neil and Kurt Malek, also attained the Eagle Rank, and his Brother Dustin, the rank of Life. Derek currently lives in the small Massachusetts town of Stoughton, with his wife, Elizabeth, and his two children, Jonas and Alexandra (and his dog Orzo), ten miles or so outside of downtown Boston. He longs to move, full time, to the woods of Vermont to focus on growing a beard, and losing his teeth.
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3 Responses to Its hokey, but the idea’s great! A bedroom-treefort/treehouse

  1. Came across your webblog via bing the other day and absolutely liked it so much. Carry on the good work.

  2. relaxshax says:

    hey- thanks so much you two…

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